Antonio Crespo Foix - Recent Works

September 11 – November 9, 2019

antonio crespo foix apertura 2019

Recent Works

Opening: Wednesday 11 Sept. from 19h to 21,30h

General Castaños 9, 28004 Madrid.

On the occasion of the opening of the season at Apertura 2019, we have the great pleasure of presenting the individual ´Recent Work´ by Antonio Crespo Foix (Valdepeñas 1953). The exhibition brings together his latest works in which he delves into the formal and conceptual language that characterizes his work.
After the exhibition at the Museum of Santa Cruz de Toledo at the beginning of 2019, in which a selection of his last eighteen years of work could be seen, the exhibition at the Michel Soskine Inc gallery allows us to get closer to his recently created works.
In the text of the catalog, published by this Gallery in 2013, Juan Manuel Bonet, collects the words of Antonio Crespo:
'I seek to provoke a conflict with geometry, trying to make it lose its cold and rational character, to become something organic and biological, and in turn imbued with fantastic, mysterious and poetic readings that transcend its materiality'.
Also, he indicates that this conflict with geometry persists throughout his work and it is resolved with the inclusion of new forms and new materials in a 'profound circular thought', maintaining the poetic and intimate spirit of his work.
In a global vision of his work, the sculptures convey a serene sense of the light, which is present in their suspended forms, as well as the materiality, almost absent, that is mixed with the void that runs through the air.
Calder's mobiles from the early twentieth century or the contemporary sculpture of surrealist Julio González, fixed their interest with shapes and drawings in the air, which in the case of the mobiles it was a fundamental part of the aesthetic experience. In the case of Antonio Crespo Foix, the air is an essential element, present in a poetic way, which gives meaning to his works that immerse us in a particular world of contrasts, the result of the technical and reflexive mastery of the author.
The meticulous observation that he proposes in each sculpture invites us to contemplate the lightness of the materials: fine wire, vegetal fibers, copper, dandelions, and even pins joined with welding points that recreate, all this, an ethereal aesthetic immersion. The complexity of forms and frameworks that contain and hide their compositions throw us into visual tours (interior-exterior), because it is not possible to cover that complexity with a single glance.
The poetic and visual character has its 'literary' space in the titles of each work: Pentámero, Pequeño refugio, Interior con nube, Aerium, ... Titles designed to define the metaphor of clouds and mists that it creates in its sculptures. His drawing in space is inspired by a fragile, air, immaterial and weightless book of poems whose meticulousness resembles a construction of spatial engineering but with a lyrical sensitivity that has its reflection in the dialogue of forms.