1955, London, England.
Since 1991, lives and works in Madrid, Spain.

Simon Edmondson was born in 1955 in London. In 1978 he completed his artistic training with a Master’s Degree at Chelsea School of Art in London, as did many other notable artists of his generation.
In the same year he won a scholarship to go to Syracuse University, New York, where visiting artists and critics with whom he had contact included Anthony Caro, Helen Frankenthaler, Kenneth Noland and Clement Greenberg. Before returning to England in 1980 Edmondson spent time in New York City where he became friends with many young artists and familiar with the local art scene.
After returning to London he began to work with the recently opened Nicola Jacob’s Gallery and exhibited between 1981 and 1991 with this influential art dealer. During this period he established contacts in Berlin, Zurich, New York and Los Angeles with many one-man shows including Michael Haas, Berlin (1986), and David Beitzel, New York (1989, 1991).
In 1991 he moved to Madrid where he now lives and works. He had his first major public space exhibition at the Deutsche Bank, Madrid in 1998 (Selected Works 1987-1998). In 2009-10 he had a second important public space exhibition in Austria at the Stadtgalerie Klagenfurt (Selected Works 1986-2009).
A figurative painter, Simon Edmondson has produced, in the words of Andrew Lambirth "a major painting of an interior with figures, in the great tradition of Western art, to be viewed in such company as Courbet or Matisse, de Kooning or Lucian Freud".
Edmondson investigates the dual nature of our existence: presence and absence, good and evil. But he makes no judgment, and specific meaning is reserved.

Simon Edmondson. Ausgewählte Arbeiten 1986-2009.

Simon Edmondson. Ausgewählte Arbeiten 1986-2009.
Stadtgalerie Klagenfurt, Österreich (Austria), 2009.

Texts by Peter Weiermair and Simon Edmondson
German / English
80 pages, 41 color images, 31,5 x 25 cm, hard cover with loose cover.

Simon Edmondson

Simon Edmondson