1953 Valdepeñas (Ciudad Real), Spain.

BA in Fine Arts from the University of Valencia, Crespo Foix shares his artistic activity with teaching. 
Antonio Crespo´s sculptures manage to represent, and even merge, two of the most important artistic traditions. In one hand his works evoke surrealist objects while also using and depicting nature in its unaltered state.

A pleasurable contradiction is created by the artist while focusing his work on the use of lightweight materials such as wire, pins, vegetable fibers and dandelion flowers, which build his particular spatial vision. The complexity of the forms and frameworks that contain and hide his compositions lead us through a visual tour, both interior and exterior, because it is not possible to cover the complexity of the pieces in a sole visual glance.

Texts by Juan Manuel Bonet, Fernando Huici or Marcos Ricardo Barnatán allude to the depth of a very delicate work. Its evolution crosses the threshold between the corporeal and the ethereal, being that Crespo Foix is primarily a sculptor of the lightless and the weightless.

In his search for subtlety and delicacy, Crespo Foix weaves with wires and pins a kind of plot that creates a gentle atmosphere of mystery. His work makes us inhabit a private world of lights and shadows, a sensitive poetic nature, the result of the technical and reflexive mastery of the author. 

Represented in public and private, national and international collections, Antonio Crespo Foix has also been exhibiting regularly in various contemporary art fairs: ARCO, Art Paris, Art Brussels and Artgenève.

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Antonio Crespo Foix

Antonio Crespo Foix