Contemporary Art Gallery Madrid

El Intruso

November 16, 2012 – January 12, 2013

El Intruso

Opening: November 16, 2012, at 08:00pm.

Michel Soskine is pleased to present the exhibition El intruso, a proposal by the artist Guillermo Paneque presenting works by José Alemany, Baylón, Bestué-Vives, Carlos Bunga, Jacobo Castellano, Mauro Cerqueira, Lilli Hartmann, Miguel Pérez Aguilera, Marco Rountree, Christopher Williams, a description of an action by Luz Broto, diverse “found objects” and a film by Jorgen Leth. 

The title of the exhibition emerges from a simple but worrying image taken from the story by Jean Luc Nancy - a man with stranger´s heart in his chest. As in this exhibition, a body must cope with other intrusive presences. But here the “intruders” help us to examine various current art proposals through works that are not only metaphors of our time but also raise questions about relationships between the socioeconomic status and the body, the domestic, the psychological.