Ángel Alonso. Laredo, 1923 - París, 1994

September 8 – December 3, 2022

Michel Soskine is pleased to present during Apertura Madrid Gallery Weekend 2022 its third exhibition of Ángel Alonso (Laredo 1923 - Paris 1994).

This exhibition is a tribute to the upcoming centenary anniversary of the birth of this unique artist.

Exiled in France since 1947, a man of strong character and forceful painting, inseparable friend of the great poet and philosopher María Zambrano, Alonso had somewhat been forgotten from the history of Spanish art. Twenty eight years after the artist's death in Paris, his work reappears with all its strength and radicalism. In the words of art historian and philosopher Francisco Jarauta, "Alonso masters the material and technique that he has given himself and with which he manages to embody the colors that most obsess him".

The current exhibition, is a display of 15 selected works from the 60’s to the 90´s, years in which the work reached its peak. After a period in which Ángel Alonso worked mostly in black and white -with series such as “Desastres”, he returned to color "which gave rise to some powerful canvases in green, yellow, orange and white", wrote historian and art critic Juan Carlos Marset.