Born in Shoreham-by-sea, UK, in 1971.
Graduated in the Royal College of Art in 2000.

Political artist, social activist,  his artwork is a reflexion of the human nature,  social phobias and mass communication shows.  His metanarrative paintings show ideal english gardens, imaginary landscapes, strange animals.  His compositions are full of crowded landscapes that are always trying to emerge and dissolve.
Fascinated by mirror surfaces,  his artworks have  bubbles that sometimes can show hidden worlds, and every time you contemplate his sensible art pieces, there are new infinite meanings.
The works of Simon Willems are transformed by the abstraction of pigments and the figurative composition of his themes.
His imaginary and surrealistic situations mixed with utopic landscapes, and also his cinematographic view,  are part of his research.

His work feature prominently in important public and private collections, and he has also exhibited widely in galleries and museums in both Europe and North America. 
Public collections: The Zabludowicz Collection, The Leonard Nimoy Collection, Art Review, David Roberts Collection, Fondation COLAS, FRAC Auvergne, FRAC Haute-Normandie, Artotéque De Caen, Royal College of Art and the Frederick Weisman Foundation.